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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

SILs bday

it was my 2 (two) SILs bday last Sept 25. i mean, husband's sis (kekna) n husband's brother's wife (kak niza) how hard is it 2 explain. ahaha. As our sunday was full, so, we planned to celebrate on the 27 (not really celebrate. just makan2 ;) n big thanks to kekna's hubs for settling the bill. ngeee

went to haji sharin low. chinese muslim restaurant at bukit antarabangsa

kekna n hubs. the hubs has a biz in kedah while kekna teaches in ampang. kekna is still waiting to be posted to kedah. poor them, long distance marriage is really suffering kan. huhu.

bday cakes i bought 4 the bday gurls

haha. sory for the tiny miny cakes. wat a waste to buy the big 1.ngehehe (kedekut)

not capturing many foods fotos. anyway, this is my kedoong asamboi kasturi.

asparagus. but why does it look like batang sawi? lol


butter prawns


licin hehe

hye darl!

hubs finished up the kerapu masak nyonya

the fish was nyummeh!! sorry no pix taken b4 it finished. hehe

settled :)

another SIL kak niza. also long distance marriage with her husband. he works in putrajaya while abg hakim is in penang. i pray they'll be together the soonest. i cant imagine if i were kekna or kak niza. apart n away from my husband. sob sob

the shop was about to close. tq abg set for the treat!

love ~ izyan al-za'im

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