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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

gelato fruity at mid valley

Holla! last friday nite, acah's fren's (azam) invited me n hubs to gelato fruity mid valley as he got extra voucher of all u can eat ice creams at gelato fruity! Oh myyy! i didnt give a damn to say no! hehe ty azam! :) sorry for the bad quality of pix :P

GF gave about 3 hours (7-10pm) to eat all the gelatos untill u vomit. muahahaha

we reached there about 8 oclock. luckily not so many people. hehe. we chose to sit on the floor as the table provided are without chair. eat while standing. not cool! hhehe

it's some sort of baskin robin, lecka lecka n haagen dazs, but this GF is more on fruity gelato

the vouchers. alhamdulillah. i love free stuffs :)

88 gelato flavors to choose from. are u crazy? i didnt get to taste even quater of it. kenyang giler dolll!

pengsan... i wish i cud eat all the flavors, but my tummy said no too early. haha

azam, the guy at the left who belanja us. tqsm!!

all coupon's holder's hand had to be chopped :)

hubs ate the most ice creams! kudos man! :P

i think this is my second cup. i surrendered after the fourth cup :P

asyu pon menang makan paling byk. hehe

i used to try this gelato once n didnt plan to come again. however, when azam offered free vouchers, what more i could say. tehee

normal price for GF is RM6.80 per 100gram. but with the promotion. pay only RM15 for all u can eat ice cream within 3 hours and 88 gelatos to choose from. FREE? lagi la nakkkk. hehhe

happy faces. padahal every1 was feel like vomitting after too much ice cream comsumed. haha

ok b, later u balenje me haagen dasz k :p
love ~ izyan al-za'im

Friday, 25 November 2011

intrade 2011

i was on leave yesterday. however, i still came to the office in the morning when i got to noe yana is coming to visit INTRADE. who's yana? hehe yana is actually my arwah adik's gf. she's studying in UITM melaka n yesterday she n her classmates n lecturers were here at matrade to visit Intrade. actually at first i just wanted to meet yana only. but since they were actually coming to matrade with no one to guide, so i took it as my responsibility to bring them to have a lil tour around matrade. haha sounds funny huh. so i brought them to MEEC n trade museum after the intrade. i feel honoured as the tour came to an end, they had given me a so call souvinir from UITM kelantan. haha. i told them that im not the right person to bring them browse around my office building n i asked for apology should i provided them with unsatisfactory infos. huhu. they also really thanked me for bringing them to jalan2 at matrade. it was really my pleasure :)

before yana came to matrade, i bought this for her :)

this is yana in the middle. she has a blog which is specially made for arwah (arwah umar syazwan). memoriesofchocolate.blogspot.com erm i miss my lil brother. alfatihah



uitm kelantan's students n lecturers

i dont remember the names. but these two are a professor n a doctor.  

we' were having like an informal speech nsouvinir giving ceremony. haha. ciannye kat depan muzium pon jadi... :p

tq for visiting matrade ;)

the cenderati from them

love ~ izyan al-za'im

Thursday, 24 November 2011

meimei's majlis bertandang

last time i went to ipoh to attend meimei's (hubs' cousin) weds. and then, last week i also joined majlis bertandang at semenyih. here are some photos :)

Add caption

the rombongan cik kiah. hehe

bride's family

with my SILs

the tired gamelan troupe :p

till then, bye :)
love ~ izyan al-za'im

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

arabian nite

last saturday nite, hubs n i were invited by kekna my SIL to her school dinner. yeah she's a teacher. Actually kekna was supposedly attended the diiner with her hubs but last minute, abg set couldnt mange to make it. So kekna invited me, hubs n kak niza instead. i had been informed bout the arabian nite dinner two days earlier.hence i dont think i could find sumthing walla for the nite. so i decided to just wear anything from my closet. so layanzz the photos of syok sendiri. hehe

with my other SIL kak niza. without hubs. hubs jauh di perantauan. hehe

dinner was held at the sultani, by the lake, flamingo hotel

it's arabian nyte. so this was what i wear. my jubah kelawar (a birthday gift from mak) my everday use shawl. the cheap newly bought head band. i tot that i can look like an arabian girl with it. wakakaka. i dont care. i just wear it! :P and a clutch i got for free after buying my mariah carey perfume. hehe and of course i did my make up myself. x cantik pon, but ok la. jji pakai fake lashes. ngehehehe

my two SILs

with the teachers


we chose to sit at the outside to have the lake view (the truth is no vacant seat anymore at the inside. kikikiki)

hubs was wearing a black hoodie robe. kekna got it for him. he looks like one of the star wars cast, doesnt he? hahaha 

warga pendidik pon melaram. hehe

i heart that big head gear costume. funny hehe

i forgot to capture the foods. sultani is actually an arabs restaurant. of course the cuisine must be arabian foods! ;)

this kid won the best dress for kids. nice dress girl :)

thanks kekna 4 inviting us :)

the only photo of  food (manisan). hehe.

my hubby with the robe of darth vader version :)

view from my seat

they are teachers from one school. the number of them are just quite nice to accupy this restaurant.

people having fun at the stage

the MCs

i suddenly fall in love with my flowery ring. hehe n in love with the guy next to me too! :) nice seeing people wearing costumes following the theme given. they are sporting teachers! i wish my office will be having such costume dinner too someday. i would love to melaram. hehehehe :)
love ~ izyan al-za'im
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