Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

my first garrets

lately ni people always talk about this garrets. last time i came to klcc, just tgk org queue pjg just to buy popcorn. so this time aku nk jugak rase. wee~~

bought the smallest pack. harga sendiri mau igt la. hehe. amboi b, all mine nmpak. hehe

sbb 1st time beli, i had no idea bout the taste, so i tried chicago mix. it comes with cheese corn (yellow) n caramel (brown)

seyesly the cheese corn really x sedap. too much cheese n salty. plus sikit masuk angin kot. but..... the caramel popcorn really sedappppp giler!! fuhhh caramel die mmg pekat melekat la!! terbaik! rugi pulak amek chicago mix tu. kalau tau, amek caramel je. xpela, at least taw, rase satu2 tu mcm mn kan. hehe

pasni, amek caramel je k. xleh buy selalu sbb mahal. but hubs loves it soo much. so b, u jela bli. i ngicak je :)
love ~ izyan al-za'im

Monday, 27 February 2012

motherhood expo klcc

holla! erm, kalau sebelum kawen, my aim was terjah pameran2 pengantin yg ade kt klang valley ni. skang ni, xde maknenye la, aku nk gi pameran pengantin bagai kan. hehe. since i'm preggie, i am looking forward to motherhood/baby/meternity expo pulak la kan. hehe.

so last friday after work, sempat la ke klcc to visit motherhood expo. bestnye! cuci mata je la kan. as i said, i wont buy baby stuffs too early. many baby expo is coming later, so skang ni usya harga la dulu kan. tu pon kalau sempat kumpul dwet. ngehehe. tgk semua bnda pon comel. mcm byk sgt duit nk bli semua tu. wekk. berangan dulu xpe. :P ada satu bnda tu, hubs n i tot really cheap n hubs suruh beli je skang. but i refused. i said xpe, we can buy it later. kita tgk2 dulu k :) from swaddle, breast pump, swing cradle, stroller. owhh everything makes make drooling (maafla, i am a 1st time mom 2 be. so mmg excited lebey. klo da ade anak byk, mesti x heran da kan. hahaha)

nk beli quinny mcm x mampu je. but this one betul2 buat mata i berpinar. harga within bajet. huwaaaa!! klo baby boy nk bli this colour jgk xpe kan? huhuhuhuu

xbli barang baby sendiri, so only bought this for shaheem

ok, next is maternity n children expo at mid valley on 9-11 mac 2012. jumpa di sana! :D
 love ~ izyan al-za'im

Friday, 24 February 2012

shopaholic n baby

salam jumaat. weeee. bestnye jumaat :)

i used my long friday break to jalan2 at publika. normally i only go for eateries at solaris dutamas. today saje nak find out what's so special there. Frankly, publika just isnt my type. mebi tu tmpat org kaya kot. lol. nothing interesting there. huhu. had my nasi kerabu at chawan n Tutty fruity too :)

then, i went to MPH n i bought myslef this :

yay!! it has been a while i havent read any of sophie kinsella's collection. since i am preggie, Shopaholic & baby is kinda suit me well. ngehehe. ok enjoy reading :D
love ~ izyan al-za'im

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

my pregnancy reading materials

hye! erm, today nk update bout reading material la. erm, actually byk magz or books bout pregnancy kan. xtaw nk pilih mana satu. since my knowledge for mom-2-be is very poor, so i need reading materials to help me out. internet of course la kan. but mags pon kene jugak.

so for the very 1st time i bought myself this baby-type magazine. i find this mags is interesting. maybe i'll continue to buy this baby talk as my monthly company :)
this is not really a book. but i took it from mother care. it's like a catalog la. erm, dok ulang usya2 tgk my needs to be a mommy soon. huhu. ni bench mark je. not necessarily kene bli kt mother care jugak kan. yg berkenan tu, leh la save money dr skang. haha. xpon, maybe i can make comparison with other store n brands too :) kalau ade rezeki lebih, semua pon nk bli kat mother care. lol berangan.
last but not least, bahan bacaan surah2 al-quran pon penting kan. actually now i'm looking for a small book , compilation of surah2 amalan ibu mengandung. ade jual x? yela, if possible buku tu i can always bring anywhere in my bag n recite whenever i want. susah pulak nk bwk quran kan. sape2 ade taw, buku tu ade jual kt mn? been searching the book in many kedai kitab2 agama tu but to no avail.... sape taw, do share ya!

love ~ izyan al-za'im

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

A bun in my oven.... my lil rainbow :)

helloo..aduhhh dont noe where to start to blog bout my pregnancy. anyway i am 8 weeks today :) n baru smlm i put my pregnancy ticker up there. tp tersenget2 la pulak. biarla.. lol

I had my 1st n 2nd check up at clinik dahlia (clinic kt opis ni ha) but... there was a bad experience there. xpela, not gonna tell it here. but ia cukup utk mbuat me n hubs rasa tertekan n sedey sekejap. then, we made a decision to just go to specialist. after making calls to few specialist, only ampang puteri specialist hosp cud give me the soonest appointment. i needed to see the gynae ASAP! ok, we went to ampang puteri then. (alhamdulillah, ofis mmg cover pon kan)

so i had my 3rd n 4th ante natal check up at ampang puteri. so far so good. after dis, gonna continue my check up there. xpela wlau jauh sikit dari rumah aku kt pj tu. but i am so serik to see doctor biasa. biarla jumpa specialist.

me n hubs at ampang puteri

my lil rainbow. haha. rainbow ke? haha. anyway i will call this miracle in my tummy as MY LIL RAINBOW. mcm nmpak je cinonet tu. i cud see the heart beats masa doc scan. hehe

last time when i visited clinik dahlia, i was only given folic acid. but this time, i need to consume all these. PFFT

nmpk sgt susah mkn ubat sampai aku dok compare folic acid yg clinik dahlia (the small one) dgn FA ampang puteri (red packet) tu. y so big? nanges... but for the sake of my lil rainbow , i'll swallow them all. :D

i heard this neuro gain is sooo good but some says it shud be eaten after 4 month old of pregnancy. but doc supplied me with this, i think there's no harm to consume it start from now on. i want the best for my lil rainbow :)

ok, will update more later ;)

love ~ izyan al-za'im

Monday, 20 February 2012

munching entry ~ pizza hut

lets go to pizza hut again! actually i wanted to come here because i was craving for prawn tempura pizza ( i dont remember the exact name) unfortunately, the promotion was over! limited time during CNY only. sob sob sob..

xpela, mkn pizza biasa pon boley la.. :D

mcm x biasa... :D

this time promotion is heart shape pizza. V day month promotion la kononnye. harap bentuk je la love kan. ngeh ngeh. skali x pasan la pulak dis pizza ade pineapples. puas la ibu mengandung ni asingkan nenas2 sebelum makan. hehe

ice cream for desert :)

actually ada sorang lg yg mengidam. balik dr pizza hut, hubs nak KFC krusher pulak. ok, singgah la drive thru jap ye. hehe
love ~ izyan al-za'im

Thursday, 16 February 2012

i love you mak

i am not good in composing story. let me just tell the story with no flowery words. hehe

yesterday i took my annual leave to accompany my mak to get the result of her mamagram test last week. yes. doctor has found a lump in my mak's right breast n armpit. along n me went into the doctor room at PPUM n listen to the doc carefully. nice & polite young chinese doctor.

blablablaaa..... 'u have a breast cancer. stage 3'. the doc told mak. i was like fainting to hear it. but of course we cant show dat to mak. mak cried. of course she's afraid. i rub her back to heal her down. no it's not the end of the world. every1 has 2 be positive. a lot of treatment to move the thing away. insyaallah we the children will pray for mak's health.

so, the doc staright away picked a date. 1 mac 2012 for mak's operation. very2 soon. it is another 2 weeks time. as doc said the thing is quite big n they have to remove the whole right breast. xpe mak, mak tetap mak kami, 1 or 2 never differentiate anything. we just follow what's good. docs know the best. and then about 3-4 months for kimo. i've heard from ppl yg penah go tru the kimo, they said it was like azab sgt. i wont tell dat to mak. 

smg mak kuat n i will always pray for mak n support her. things happen n we never look back. life goes on n accept it as a fate. insyaallah everything will be fine. many breast cancer survivors out there n i believe mak is one of them. insyaallah. 

i love you mak.....
love ~ izyan al-za'im

Monday, 13 February 2012

shaheem's 1st bday bash

it was shaheem's bday celebration n every1 was soooo excited! with the theme : I LOVE SHAHEEM, everything turned so well n so much fun! happy 1st bday dear my adorable lil nephew muhammad shaheem al jafry!
party packs. punyela bekerja keras nk siapkan these party packs. ngehehe

it was held at dewan rekreasi kepong. me with my pressie to shaheem in front of the bday banner :)

with acah n nuby

candy land!

angry birds apams

candy land by me. acah n asyu helped me. simple je but ok la kan. ngehehe

face painting! i was the person in charge for face painting. x pandai pon. simple2 je. wee~~~

customized mineral water. cewahh mcm susah sgt. print je kt kertas A4, cut n paste. easy yet niceeee :)

makcik layan anak2 buah

amboii kemain nuby borak ngam aimm ye

hand painting pulak :D

some of the foods

it was easy to doodle on aira's face. dok diam je dia. so cute :) erm sedey because after the party ends, i lost my paint... :(

games for kids. we provided a looooot of prizes. no worries. semua blaik bwk hadiah ok! :)

happy birtday song! my sis sponsored the I LOVE SHAHEEM tshirts. cool! all white t shirts except for bday boy. baju die warna lain sikit. hehe

my sis family. shaheez n shaheem

i love shaheem crews :)

with dylla

my love partner :)

the charming bday boy

bday boy with atok, wan n snif

cube carik, mana saya? haha


ready to jump!

pregnant lady x jump pon . angkat kaki je. haha. siap berkemas n balik!
sesi bukak adiah di rumah. hasil2 from shaheem's bday. amboii boley bukak kedai. penuh umah da.. hehe. semoga jadi anak yg soleh ye aim. i love youu :)
love ~ izyan al-za'im

Thursday, 9 February 2012

sno VS tutty fruity

i bought this deal at MAD.

lets try this. the price is slightly cheaper than TF. this is in sunway pyramid

used to try TF, so saje la nk try yg ini pulak.

cute pink store

i was so dissapointed when the staff told me that they were running out of other flavours (strawberry/mango) so this was the only option i have. choc ape tah.

boring toping rite? makan jela... x de pilihan pon. huhu

RM7.90 for both cups kire ok2 jela. they dont have other yogurt flavour. it's only original flavour. you can choose the topping only. too bad, the fruity topping is finished when i came. durhh. so, i said to hubby, i dont care, i want tutty fruity~ huhu

few days later, went to OU, n nk jugak TF. ok baru la frozen yogurt sebenar! kehkeh


hasben punyer

bon apetite

xnak makan sno lagi. gi TF je k. or mebi boley try kat moo moo pulak. daaa :D
love ~ izyan al-za'im
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