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Thursday, 9 February 2012

sno VS tutty fruity

i bought this deal at MAD.

lets try this. the price is slightly cheaper than TF. this is in sunway pyramid

used to try TF, so saje la nk try yg ini pulak.

cute pink store

i was so dissapointed when the staff told me that they were running out of other flavours (strawberry/mango) so this was the only option i have. choc ape tah.

boring toping rite? makan jela... x de pilihan pon. huhu

RM7.90 for both cups kire ok2 jela. they dont have other yogurt flavour. it's only original flavour. you can choose the topping only. too bad, the fruity topping is finished when i came. durhh. so, i said to hubby, i dont care, i want tutty fruity~ huhu

few days later, went to OU, n nk jugak TF. ok baru la frozen yogurt sebenar! kehkeh


hasben punyer

bon apetite

xnak makan sno lagi. gi TF je k. or mebi boley try kat moo moo pulak. daaa :D
love ~ izyan al-za'im

1 comment:

LidiaSuraya said...

TF banyak pilihan toping... also x mengemukkan kan kan?

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