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Thursday, 2 February 2012

rombongan cik kiah to baling kedah

As i mentioned earlier, me n my whole family went to the north to send my only niece to further her secondary education at MRSM Baling. weehooo. none of us ever been there. so we made an honour to have a rombongan cik kiah to baling to give support to our sweetheart nureen faqiha umairah. baling is somewhat remote but it's really a nice n peaceful place. it's surrounded with green mountains. niceee :)

we had a nite stay at my SIL's parents crib at Ipoh a day earlier. bye ipoh. hello baling!

at bayu hotel. not many choices of accomodation. for sure this is the closest hotel to the MRSM. about 7km away.

our penthouse. 10 of us stayed here. while a smaller room for bangah's family

xbyk tempat pon nak melawat kt sana. gi la the zon ni ha. kat border msia thailand

this was in betong thailand. anyway, baling is almost border thailand. we stepped into thailand yo! but no passport required. hehe

kapp pung kapp. thai's stall

we had prob to find good eateries. erm, belasah mapley jela. seriouly the curry is sooo marvelous!

hayooo ni budak kecik main celup ayo. nuby nuby :D

ready to go to nureen's school the next day

held nuby's hand to nureen's hostel. it's a brand new hostel. very new. nureen's group is the pioneer to stay at this block. untunglaaa :)

ramainye tukang tengok. hehe. that's nureen's bed. we were curious what's the function of those bloody partitions built there? it makes the room looks narrow. she is sharing the room with 15 others.

sticker tampal kt locker

aku rasa nureen adalah student yg bwk kerabat paling ramai. haha. siap nanny, nenda, wan, atok, semua ada! we love you nureen. belaja rajin2 ok!

nureen's school. since 27st june 2010. very new huh. and apparently, this year's intake requires students to opt for course. As my niece was eyeing for IGCSE (google urself. hehe) so that she was sent here. only 4 MRSMs in malaysia offer IGCSE anyway.

some of nureen's novel collection. pon diangkut...hehe

tolong kemas locker

see the background. mountains!

we r so proud of u nureen. just study betul2 k. nnt kite jumpa. hehe bye :)
love ~ izyan al-za'im

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L'Jay said...

We stayed at Bayu Hotel even tookthe took the Deluxe VIP room and paid paid nearly RM 190 for it. It was really a cut throat. The room was smelly the furniture are old. and we dared not use the fridge as it was all rusty inside.
1 really hope the mgmt will improve the ROOMS. It'can be a nice Malay Hotel. But as now,quite Embarrassing.

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