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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Monday, 13 February 2012

shaheem's 1st bday bash

it was shaheem's bday celebration n every1 was soooo excited! with the theme : I LOVE SHAHEEM, everything turned so well n so much fun! happy 1st bday dear my adorable lil nephew muhammad shaheem al jafry!
party packs. punyela bekerja keras nk siapkan these party packs. ngehehe

it was held at dewan rekreasi kepong. me with my pressie to shaheem in front of the bday banner :)

with acah n nuby

candy land!

angry birds apams

candy land by me. acah n asyu helped me. simple je but ok la kan. ngehehe

face painting! i was the person in charge for face painting. x pandai pon. simple2 je. wee~~~

customized mineral water. cewahh mcm susah sgt. print je kt kertas A4, cut n paste. easy yet niceeee :)

makcik layan anak2 buah

amboii kemain nuby borak ngam aimm ye

hand painting pulak :D

some of the foods

it was easy to doodle on aira's face. dok diam je dia. so cute :) erm sedey because after the party ends, i lost my paint... :(

games for kids. we provided a looooot of prizes. no worries. semua blaik bwk hadiah ok! :)

happy birtday song! my sis sponsored the I LOVE SHAHEEM tshirts. cool! all white t shirts except for bday boy. baju die warna lain sikit. hehe

my sis family. shaheez n shaheem

i love shaheem crews :)

with dylla

my love partner :)

the charming bday boy

bday boy with atok, wan n snif

cube carik, mana saya? haha


ready to jump!

pregnant lady x jump pon . angkat kaki je. haha. siap berkemas n balik!
sesi bukak adiah di rumah. hasil2 from shaheem's bday. amboii boley bukak kedai. penuh umah da.. hehe. semoga jadi anak yg soleh ye aim. i love youu :)
love ~ izyan al-za'im


wardah @ fie shah said...

Meriahnya! happy ONEderful birthday Shaheem!

ZSqueenbee said...

syoknyeee...yan nnti pia curik idea ni ye nk wat bday Lil Danish...best yooooo!!!

izyan al-za'im said...

tq aunty fie.
pia, amek je idea ni. ape yg best di kongsi bersama kn. hehe

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