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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Friday, 30 December 2011

chill out with the newly weds

a day after ili n zam's reception, the couple n us went to haikal n waida's wedding. right after, we planned to watch movie together. so we went to viva home shoping mall. 1st time been there. wah! i didnt need to queue to watch the movie there on sunday as xramai org kt situ ok! good good good.

colourful deco at viva home mall! so does my baju kurung. hehe

me with baju dari kain hantaran kawen. im lovin it :)

with my sayang :)

the decos are just too cute i hardly resist to take photo with

took a break with a cup of bubble tea

this is MBO cinema. best jugak menonton kt sini :)

we watched this. mission impossible. ghost protocol

pengantin baru

fashion bazaar yg comel :D

bought some accessories here. wee~~

pink booth

everything here is bloody cuteeee :)

pengantin baru tried out their new hantaran compack camera. owh i'm so envy with ur camera! awesome!

haha, muke x malu amek gamba kt signage LG floor ni. i said before. mmg cute semua bnda kt sini!

best nye chill out with u guys. we went out from home bout 8am n only reached home bout 12.30am. wasnt dat cool? hahaha
love ~ izyan al-za'im

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

haikal n waida's wedding

weding again! it was saturday when ili n zam got married. then, on the next day (sunday)there came haikal n waida's wedding! haha, best friend mmg kene kawen a day after another ye? hehe all four of them are my friends in college. mmg jodoh budak2 IIC ni kuat. hehe.

this is huwaida. the solemnization was held in the morning in a mosque at keramat

the nervous haikal n waida :p

the happy faces

congrats to 3 of u. lol. ili's inai is more obvious!

nak jugak.... lol

the reception was held the same day after the solemnization. so we went for brunch at a stall nearby before heading to the bride's crib at jln semarak later.

IIC buddies

gorgeous dais. but the space is too limited. berebut2 nak amek gamba. hehe

four newly weds. cool

four newly weds plus a pair of oldy weds. hahaha

love ~ izyan al-za'im

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

my best friend's wedding

she is my best friend since high school n college time. im so excited to come to her solemnization n wedding day. too bad, i wasnt given an annual leave on friday for her solemnization. my unit was so busy with the SBPA thingy. so i sent my husband (hehe) to represent me to my best buddy's big day. but it's okay, i still cud come on the following day for the reception.

on the solemnization day. hubs with my friend who came without her husband as well. hahaha
the hantaran cake i sponsored for ili. i hope you like it ili :)

congrats ili n zam. both of them are my good friend. im so happy for them
on the wedding day. yay!
me with my new baju kurung songket. im so loving it. tersenget2 la pulok

the songket girls with dilla n acah

they used to be our pengapit during our wedding day. now we apit them. hehe. no la, other friends as their pengapit


kipas for the door gift.

my high shool buddies!

insyaallah will be another majlis at zam's crib next week. selamat pengatin baru ili n zam. we dont mind if u overtake us to have the offspring. hehehe

love ~ izyan al-za'im
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