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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

malam matrade 2011

Malam matrade dis year was held on december 9,2011. it was the 4th time i attending my office annual dinner since i work here. waaahh it's been quite a while :P dis year dinner, the theme given was orange brown n green.  i tried to follow the theme given :)

the anugerah perkhidmatan cemerlang receivers. im none of them. next time, who knows. haha

my table. near to the food stalls. hehe

choir performance. waa so jealous to see them singing. so sad i didnt join them dis year. insyaallah next year :)

semangat2. i love their energy :D
as i didnt involve anything in malam matrade dis year, so i allowed myself to be up on stage for gadis dulang task. huhu. only god knows how bloody heavy the tray was. muke control je tu. haha

performance by d rimba. they used to perform during our team building course at janda baik some time ago

yeah the guest MCs! they rockk!! they super hillarious!

every1 came with orange green n brown outfit

i like this backdrop

the winner for best dress award

emma was invited on stage to sing duet with jep sepah

B, did u stalk me? hahaha

i look like a pregger with this outfit, ermmm

we heart orange. hehe

sha with hadiah kemenangan. hehe

this was what i wore. i was thinkin to be a hippy gurl. ini je yg mampu. boley la tu. ngehehe. u dont noe how hard to find an orange dress and this is what i got. anyway, i just love it :) and of course tanx to husband for being my image consultant as he was involving in my dress search. n he was the 1 who chose the red jacket for me. huhu i like it b! :)

DIY make up. sbb x mampu nk gi MAC. hehe. with my falsie, i think i look awesome with my own touch. kakakakaka masuk bakul angkat sendiri!

last but not least, before we went home, 1 click in the lift. wee~~ it was 12am n time to go home. :)
love ~ izyan al-za'im


Sue-Rya AQ said...

gamba angklung performance xde..huhuhuhu

izyan al-za'im said...

gamba angklung ada letak dlm FB. too many gamba, so byk pilih yg ade gamba sendiri. hehehehe

Sue-Rya AQ said...

baiklah! thanks dear..

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