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Friday, 2 December 2011

hubby's 1st photography job

alhamdulillah last saturday asyu invited hubs to be her co partner to capture a wedding ceremony in melaka. i am as an excited wifey, followed hubs to his 'work place'. hehe hello! its my husband's first wedding photography job, so i would love to join n witness it :) plus, hubs himself wanted me to follow him :)

lil dancers came all the way from muar ;)

me n acah were just sitting while the two photogs doing their job :)

rembat the bride's sunflowers. ngeee

as the wedding ceremony ended at bride's home about 5pm, we continued for outdoor fotoshoot. we chose taman seribu bunga, melaka. nice place but why on earth i had that ugly face? kakaka. merajuk sebab hubs x amek gamba bini. LMAO. see i was there to become the photog's helper. the bag, the props, hehe ikhlas ikhlas :)
Asyu n hubs in action. dont ask bout the pay. as a beginner, hubs doesnt mind bout the lil pay. the most important thing is the experience he gained. i pray you'll be a successful handsome photog one day. hehe. i think hubs has become an 'official' photog for our office too. why i said so? coz the dinner committee had asked photos for matrade event from hubs. erm, i wonder, since when hubs become matrade photog? hahaha. no worries, those moments are to be shared. hubs is ready to share his collections :) i noe he's really passionate about it an as a wife, i will always support him. blajar lagi rajin2 k :)

after a tiring day at melaka, we went to banting right after. my fren's wedding pulak. i was afraid i wont be able to come the next day, so i paid them a visit that nite :)

to my good fren ustad n anis, selamat pengantin baru :)
love ~ izyan al-za'im

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