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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Elephant Sanctuary Kuala Gandah

it was saturday n my whole family had planned to visit this Elephant Sanctuary at Kuala Gandah Pahang. We reached there about 12pm after approximately 2 hours journey :)

This place is sumwhat remote n rural. So better for us to pack our lunch n have a picnic there b4 playing with the jumbos :)

hello nuby sayang ;) i like this photo. kudos to mr photog my hubby :)

welcome. we started out with video show of the elephants. no photos allowed in the room.

after the video show

the entrance for this conservation centre is absolutely free!

open daily from 12 noon - 4.45 (weekdays) n 10am -4.45 (weekends)

Actually there are 2 different stickers. red n yellow. for yellow stickers, we can ride n bath with the ellie. while the red, you may only visit, play n feed them.

to ride n bath with the ellie (yellow sticker) you have to make an advanced reservation. My sis had booked for 15 of us. however, only 8 of us were allowed to get the yellow stickers. they have to control the visitors or else the ellie will get tired i think. hehe. anyway, its free though. dont expect much. hehe

baby ellie!

sorry i didnt brave enaf to feed them. but i enjoyed looking others

we brought our own nuts. but visitors can buy the nuts there for RM3 per pack.

so many mat saleh there. hehe

elephant show was about to start!

beware for those in front! ;P

elephant ride time! yay!

aim wasnt scared at all :D

our turn! hehe. cool! ~~

seriously it was really bumby up there. thats why the 'driver' asked us to hug him tight. haha

we had really fun riding this bulky creature. hehe. but you will only given 1 chance as your sticker will be torn off by the staff b4 the ride.

i forgot this ellie's name. anyway tanx ya for being nice to us. hehe

they are just like gigantic toys. walking down the street n we enjoyed capturing moments here . wee~~ too bad, the water level at the river is quite deep. so the mgmt had decided not to allow us to bath with the jumbos. ok2. next time perhaps. we will definitely come again next time. tapi jauh la pulak. hehehe
love ~ izyan al-za'im

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