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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Thursday, 1 December 2011

KL Shopping Yay!

The payday has come. so i asked hubs to have one day quality time with me to go shopping for my office dinner + my bff's wedding! ngeee

we started the shopping spree at jalan TAR. we took our brunch first at 1901 sogo! nyumnyum

husband's deucth dang hotdog

the maggie whipped patato with large amount of gravy. hehe

my target was to find ping songket for ili's wedding. it was hard for me as i still seeing pink as the sweetest hue on earth. yaa i took this this pink songket. huhu.

compulsory session during tour at jalan TAR. hehe shawls again n again :)

still a long way to go. after bought my songket n few shawls, i decided to go to sungei wang to find my dinner dress :)

cant stand the smell. i broke some cash here. peace :)

As always, sungei wang is a heaven for cheap dresses. but not my luck to find orange dress. after my leg was about not to move anymore, then i found out a simple nice orange dress. pheww. it's just a simple dress. not that bling2 one. i bought the simple dress so i can wear it casually in the fiture. it's a topless dress so i need to wear a jacket to compliment it. i bought my red jacket here n my dress at the other store. n my husband's orange shirt was also found at sungei wang. not gonna reveal my dress here. will show it after the dinner :)
 love ~ izyan al-za'im

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