Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Friday, 30 September 2011

open kampung

seriously, this entry is about open kampung and not open house. huhu. got invitation from acah's fren to this open kampung at meru klang. it's like kampung area in one road. the dwellers may invite their relatives/frens. so, each house (or they share among 3/4 houses) to open booth in front of their cribs. so all the guests may come to all booths along the road to have the food! really unique! i guess if majalah 3 know bout this, it will be appear on the show! i was mentioned this festivity has been celebrating for 4 years and they will having it every year after this. i hope i'l be invited again next year. ngeeeee

i was in front of acah' fren's house (ika. with black kurung) she served fruits n some deserts. all houses will set up stall in front of theirs :)

meriah u ollss! it was like pasar malam looky likey

too many to choose from.

then, u may have a seat at anywhere. outside the house or inside. well, we only went into ika's house as we didnt recognize any1 else there. lol

they expected large crowd. so, the giant periuk was used :) 

this 1 house opened a mini cinema under the star light. hantu bonceng in action!

i know none of them. lol

murtabak stall. many other booths opened but i just put some of them here

the most favorite stall! all drinks are slurrpyy!

time to go home after fulling up the tummy. :P

tq kampung budiman. invite me again next year :p

the banner.
love ~ izyan al-za'im

Thursday, 29 September 2011

munching entry ~ nandos

it's been a while since i last posted bout munching. ngehehe. this was last sunday when i supposedly go to my cousin's OH but every1 else was out of nowhere and i dont really rmmber the house. haha (isnt it just a reason? lol) so, hubs n i decided to have a lunch out together. i craved for Nando's. subang parade lah! hehe

i think the tissue needs an iron. haha


it was quite long to wait 4 the food to be served. so, lets camwhoring! :p

husband's beverage. it's called esspressochino. am i right?? watever..

mine. i dont remmbr the name. sumwhat mixture of pomegranade n sprite i think. hehe. rly refreshing!! see the glass lips. garnished with sugar! haha.

quater chicken with rice n chips. hubs just need hot.

my extra hot quater chicken with chips n coleslaw, nyumss!!

the hotter the more i like!

out of topic :p simply to show off my new letter-H-dangling brooch. i choose H coz it meant for Husni, Hazwani, Honey. wee~~~
love ~ izyan al-za'im

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

open house again

i dont feel like putting caption at each photos. hehe. so, here r pix during my visit to my colleagues' OH. marina n hakkam. enjoy!


love ~ izyan al-za'im

got the tiickets!!

yay! i went to istana budaya (IB) during lunch hour just now just to get my ticket! im not really a fan of theater, but for this 1, i feel like really dont wanna miss it! Yah! ive been hearing tiara's production always do the splendid job ;) Well, the tix price is quite not affordable for me, so i only picked the cheapest price! what on earth i wud spend RM450 for a theater? no way! hehe. The RM30 tix is even high for me as i cud watch 3 movies in the cinema yow! ngehehe

So, here's the date with NORA dis saturday! hubs, ili n zam r gonna join me! double yay!! 8.30 pm, Oct 1,2011. tehee. i cant wait even i was told by the ticketing person that my seats are at the very last row of the hall. haha. dont mind lor :p

to know more bout THE SECRET LIFE OF NORA, find out here :)

gigantic poster in front of the ticket counter

queueueueueue. no ppl la.. huhu

ok got my tix!

1 shot b4 we leave. ngeeee

here i come, NORA :)
love ~ izyan al-za'im

acah's bday

actually, my sis's bday was on August 28. no official celebration was thrown coz she was in Sabah. So, one of her good fren (ili) invited me to her crib on last week. almost 1 month late. i wasnt mentioned bout the bday. so i juz turned up and tot she was having makan2 raya gitu. but only me, hubs, acah n asyu attended :p

While having the food, suddenly ili's husband took out a cake from the fridge n lit up the candles. i tot he wanted to suprise ili bout bday, annie or watsoeva. every1 started to sing bday song n i sang along until we reached Happy birthday to ~~~..... i suddenly paused as i rly had no idea whose bday was dat? kakaka mmg lawak giler! my sis also didnt know bout the suprised. Asyu forgot to tell me bout the suprised. it ended up, i suprised myself instead. kakaka

bday girl n ili, the mommy to be ;)

the foods. more than enaf for 6 of us! ;)

ili was lying bout the deco. she said all of them were for her niece bday last month. good make up story. lol

the ice cream cake!~

tq 4 inviting us!

hpy belated 23rd bday gurl!

spagetti made by ili's hubby. i swear it was super delishhh!!
why do i keep writing in english lately? sajerr :) im finding out my english is getting poorer each day. I wish i cud work on sumting here . wink2 :)

love ~ izyan al-za'im

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

annys's e-day

went to my high school mate's engagement last saturday. she was so beautiful on her special day i must say. been knowing her as a boyish brutal girl, then got 2 noe she was getting engaged, really suprised me! Nway, congrats annys. i wish all the very best to you n really looking 4ward for the wedding. yay!!

i was blown away with her make up :)

with the fiance
love ~ izyan al-za'im
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