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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Friday, 3 February 2012

de tour to penang

after sending nureen to baling, we planned to just drive home. while wheeling on the highway to kulim, n saw signboard to butterworth, i suddenly suggested to my car mate (hubs, acah n asyu). why dont we go to penang for a while. it's still early. time showed approx 5pm++. all agreed n hubs the driver made a de tour to penang! hooray!
We took ferry to penang!

naik ferry boley posing2 dulu. klo nek bridge, x dpt la kan.. hehe. tp jakun sket la sbb keluar kereta bagai. who cares! we just wana have fun! wee~~

the messy hair n shawl blown by the wind. hehe

love dis silhoette :)


lucky us to reach here b4 it closes at 8pm. at chowrasta.

bought dis for myself :)

we had our dinner at padang kota lama. 1st time mkn situ. pelik giler. once we sitted, about 10 waiters from different stalls came to us n promoted their menu. ayooo manyak pening woo. saba la. baru je letak bontot ni. adehh. masing2 ckp kuat2 soh kami beli kt kedai dorang. hahahaiii. anyway, sotong kangkung ni sedap n boley diterima tekak

char kuey tiaw x sedap ni harga RM8.50. what the!!!

dtg sini wajib le mkn pasembur kononnye

nampaknye kuah rojak jln kucing bwh pokok tu lebih sedap ye anak2. the sauce is just not my taste

kerang bakar. same je kot rasa kt mn2 pon. haha

as we didnt hv much tie, we just jalan2 kt pdg kota tu je

aiskem asyu

i was looking for souvenirs here

bought my customized fridge magnet. yay!

best friend. hurm semua pon dah ngantuk. lets go back to KL yow! it was about 10pm. being the only driver, hubs was so sleepy n took a nap at tapah for two hours before headed back to KL n reached home at 4.30am. yeahhh thats the end of our journey to the north :)
love ~ izyan al-za'im

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Lynnda said...

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Follow n link blog dengan aku!!! TQ ;p

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