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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

A bun in my oven.... my lil rainbow :)

helloo..aduhhh dont noe where to start to blog bout my pregnancy. anyway i am 8 weeks today :) n baru smlm i put my pregnancy ticker up there. tp tersenget2 la pulak. biarla.. lol

I had my 1st n 2nd check up at clinik dahlia (clinic kt opis ni ha) but... there was a bad experience there. xpela, not gonna tell it here. but ia cukup utk mbuat me n hubs rasa tertekan n sedey sekejap. then, we made a decision to just go to specialist. after making calls to few specialist, only ampang puteri specialist hosp cud give me the soonest appointment. i needed to see the gynae ASAP! ok, we went to ampang puteri then. (alhamdulillah, ofis mmg cover pon kan)

so i had my 3rd n 4th ante natal check up at ampang puteri. so far so good. after dis, gonna continue my check up there. xpela wlau jauh sikit dari rumah aku kt pj tu. but i am so serik to see doctor biasa. biarla jumpa specialist.

me n hubs at ampang puteri

my lil rainbow. haha. rainbow ke? haha. anyway i will call this miracle in my tummy as MY LIL RAINBOW. mcm nmpak je cinonet tu. i cud see the heart beats masa doc scan. hehe

last time when i visited clinik dahlia, i was only given folic acid. but this time, i need to consume all these. PFFT

nmpk sgt susah mkn ubat sampai aku dok compare folic acid yg clinik dahlia (the small one) dgn FA ampang puteri (red packet) tu. y so big? nanges... but for the sake of my lil rainbow , i'll swallow them all. :D

i heard this neuro gain is sooo good but some says it shud be eaten after 4 month old of pregnancy. but doc supplied me with this, i think there's no harm to consume it start from now on. i want the best for my lil rainbow :)

ok, will update more later ;)

love ~ izyan al-za'im


~ ADANDO ~ said...

Sewaktu mengandung ni banyakkan makan KISMIS dan juga KURMA...
Baik untuk perkembangan Baby

ct shah said...


congrats pn izyan.ramai ler ibu mengandung tahun ni kat matrade.meriah sungguh.:-)

wardah @ fie shah said...

iberet folic tu adalah plg tak boleh telan. bau je fie dah muntah.huhu.

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