Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

balik kampung deepavali

the deepavali hols was only 1 day but my whole fam had a terrific quality time at kg lubuk china melaka. awesome! my nephews n niece were relly excited for fishing. i myself just lazily chilled myself out. we boarded to melaka after work on tuesday n the whole wednesday was occupied with family bonding session. hehe.

we like lepaking at this little hut. hehe

nureen showed her catch. tiny shrimp? hehe too small, so we juz let it go back to the pond. ayah n acu just put some shrimps in the pond. let them breed themselves first. wait untill some time we catch again n BBQ them! hehehe

abangah caught these talapia merah. the total catch was bout nearly ten if not mistaken. later at lunch, we deep-fried them. Oh my! never tot it would be so delishh! :) u catch, fry n eat! isnt it cool? hehe

shaheez wasnt lucky enough to get internet line for the G-tab. haha. well, my kampung is somewhat remote, u see! :p

done with the face, asyu! haha. return the lil shrimp to it's habitat, pronto! :)

we love fishing! yay! but me, only enjoying observing them from the hut. huhuhu

nuby comel! err dont the bloody pillars back there make us feel like in a cemetary? creepy! lol i wonder why ayah stands them there .erm hehe

the ugly sloppy us. haha
love ~ izyan al-za'im

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