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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

suprised bday bash for hubby~~

yesterday was his 27th bday. normally, we celebrate it just two of us at place we havent been b4. but this time i was thinking of throwing a suprise bash for him. i told him, we gonna go sumwhere but we have to drop by at mak's crib first. he didnt get any idea at all about the suprise as it is normal to go to umah mak every day after work.

Acah n asyu were on leave yesterday. so, i left money n let them do the preparation. just smalll party i said. so, when hubs n i reached mak's home, n after we opened the door, SUPRISE!! hehe, my family was waiting for us n start singing happy birtyhday! yay!! gotcha! i love suprising him! hehe. so hubs, no candle lite dinner dis year. i really hope u like the suprise. hehe i love u!

the photos r not in order. huhu

i hv no idea why must the cake be carried with the styrofoam box. hehe

with aim. i wish im holding my own kid sumday. huhu

the dishes. simple je. tqsm to acah n asyu for preparing all these :) i owe u girls


mak, asyu n bangah's family not in the picture. bangah's family turned up a bit late. it's okay, as long as they come ;)

the ice cream cake :)

this photos was captured earlier. hubs with the balloons bouquet i sent to him at his office. amboi! byknye suprise awak semalam! huhu.

i hv no problem thinking wat present to buy for him this year as his watch is no longer working. so, i bought him this brand new watch. suke x? :p but very hard to find ample time to do the shopping of this stuff as i am 24/7 with him. haha

birthday boy is no longer a boy. he's 27 dis year! whoaa!

dear hubs, i hope u like this suprise. ;) i love u!

blue team :)

forget bout the mouth. lol

deco deco. ok, im sooo happy even it wasnt my birthday! hehehe
love ~ izyan al-za'im

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