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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Friday, 25 November 2011

intrade 2011

i was on leave yesterday. however, i still came to the office in the morning when i got to noe yana is coming to visit INTRADE. who's yana? hehe yana is actually my arwah adik's gf. she's studying in UITM melaka n yesterday she n her classmates n lecturers were here at matrade to visit Intrade. actually at first i just wanted to meet yana only. but since they were actually coming to matrade with no one to guide, so i took it as my responsibility to bring them to have a lil tour around matrade. haha sounds funny huh. so i brought them to MEEC n trade museum after the intrade. i feel honoured as the tour came to an end, they had given me a so call souvinir from UITM kelantan. haha. i told them that im not the right person to bring them browse around my office building n i asked for apology should i provided them with unsatisfactory infos. huhu. they also really thanked me for bringing them to jalan2 at matrade. it was really my pleasure :)

before yana came to matrade, i bought this for her :)

this is yana in the middle. she has a blog which is specially made for arwah (arwah umar syazwan). memoriesofchocolate.blogspot.com erm i miss my lil brother. alfatihah



uitm kelantan's students n lecturers

i dont remember the names. but these two are a professor n a doctor.  

we' were having like an informal speech nsouvinir giving ceremony. haha. ciannye kat depan muzium pon jadi... :p

tq for visiting matrade ;)

the cenderati from them

love ~ izyan al-za'im

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