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Friday, 14 October 2011

munching entry ~ gasoline

this visit to gasoline sunway pyramid was made last monday to konon2 celebrate the 6th month annie. huhuhu. after contemplating to go where n where, durhhh... we finally we went to gasoline! thank to mr google :p nice cafe! i always passed by this restaurant, but only this time i had the opportunity to get in there!

the menu

my longan drinks n hub's sparkling wat da blabla :p

 each table is separated by curtains. once you get in n your order is taken, the waiter will shut the curtain. hehe cool. but beware for those unmarried couple! haha. no la. it's not really cover your whole space. still can see me in there :)

no chairs ya! please be sitted on the floor :)

inside the resturant. there were not so many customers as we were there on monday at 2pm. hehe. that's why the curtains are all tied. the curtain will fallling closing when peeps in the space.

i love the interior. the wall papers are so cool! u'l imagining urselves in the pirate ship.

the table

breaded scallop for appetizer. not worth it. expensive. huhu

my cheesy chicken blablaaa. seriously yummeh!

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hub's fish n chip. the fish is rlly big!

my chicken. i swear it's worth my money :)

desert! oh my! it tastes heaven! :)

all the love in the world yeah!

bye pirate ship!

love ~ izyan al-za'im

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