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Friday, 28 October 2011

my grandmom's 87th bday bash

the 1st ever bday celebration for my embah (javanese term for nanny). tq to my cousin for reminding us bout embah's bday. how on earth we never knew her bornday. shame on us. hehe. she has turned 87 last oct 21! alhamdulillah, she's still alive at this age. happy longlife embah! we all love u!

Actually, many were invited, but then, only some able to turn up. its okay, the party went really happening. tq for those who came. my parents' crib was pointed as host venue. so every1 had to bring their foods. pot luck i mean :)

Info: embah is the only grandparent left in my family. she's my dad's mother. she lives with my auntie who dwells within my neighbourhood. so, its easy for us to get connected :)

some of the menu served. tq every1 who contributed :)

i sponsored j-co. need to cut so they can be shared evenly. hehe

my mom's . our all time favourite

the birthday girl! embah!

nuby sayang

my cousin bought this. nice spelling. MBAH :)

embah with some of her grandchildren n great grandchildren


i think this is only 1/10 of her great grandchildren in this potrait :) am not sure the total of us all. i think about hundred. or maybe more! erm, i need to do some homework on this. lol

my cousins n i call her EMBAH. while the next generation (i.e shaheem, shaheez, nureen, nuqman, nuby) calls her YOYOT. what a cute javanese moniker! ;)

every1 was afraid embah wont be able to blow the candle. see every1's mouth! hahahaha all were trying to help aren't they? haha

dear embah, may u r granted with the greatest health.

may Allah bless all of you ;)

love ~ izyan al-za'im

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