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Monday, 24 October 2011

in perfect harmony

it was last week when kak shyma (a colleague of mine) offered me four tix to watch a show at KL performing art centre. OMG! never been there n it will be a waste if i say no! Kak shyma got the tix from his hubs who works at the star. n tix price is RM263 each!! oh how on earth can i say no anymore!

i invited acah n asyu to come along. n of course the one n only loveliest husband in the world. hehehe. the rain poured heavily on that thursday night. but it didnt give a damn to us not to come. at first we were so out of idea what the show is all about. but then, when the show got started n we could feel the momentum. n our RM263 seats are just 2 feets away from the stage.  no upper stage as they performed on the floor) OMG! it was great!!! it is actually a mucical performance titled In Perfect Harmony - A Malaysian Musical Journey. The aproximately 2-and-a-half-hour show was filled with great songs from the 60s to date. the superb performers danced sexily (hehe) n sang beautifully. malay, chinese, hindustan songs! lovely!

i could say 90% of the viewers were chinese. frankly i have no problems with it. perhaps this production only published the ads in The Star newspaper. IDK. but from my humble view, all 1 malaysia shud come. it was great! however, i dont think i'm afford to buy the tix. luckily i got it for free! n i feel so keen to come again (FOC. lol) :D

RM1052.00 worth of tix price!

many blurry photos :(


i hope u enjoyed the show as well b! ;)

asyu's new hp! jeles jeles!

no photos allowed during the show. this was taken at the end of the performance. pfft. great!!

u guys did a splendid job!

the three in front are the main cast. i only recognize the lady with the hijab :p IDK the rest of them :p

the end. lets go home

the stage

KLPAC is a nice place! i wish i may come again some day.

with 1 of the main cast, TRIA. her voice is rly beautiful. apparently, she has wear hijab. but most of the costumes she wore on the show were together with the wig. only for the final performance she came out with the hijab :)

till we meet again ;)
love ~ izya al-za'im

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