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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Thursday, 6 October 2011

the secret life of nora

Yay! finally i got a chance to watch nora! so, i was with hubs, bff ili n zam to watch the show at istana budaya. i was almost late for the show as the car park was full n i had to park the car at tasik titiwangsa. ili n zam had to wait 4 me as their tix were with me. hehe. luckily we managed to get in b4 the show started. yah, i heard IB mgmt is very strict. for late comers, they wont allow to get in until certain time announced. durhh

the show started at 8.40. actually dis was my 2nd time in IB whre my 1st visit was free. hehe. overall, i love the show. colourful n lotsa dances! i love all nora's costumes! stunning! it just that hubs n zam dint really like the story line. they said it was kinda boring. hehe. plus, our seat were really up up there n far behind. very bad sight. sedar beli tix paling murah... hehehe.

lemme text before the nora started. there was a guard who really take care of the hall during the show. whoever attempts to use gadgets (phones, camera etc) will be lesered! hahaha. sharp eye Mr Guard!

ili n zam. the b&g to be. there were four of us :)

let the show started! excited!!!

this is the view form my seat. far from the stage. very sad huh? lol

standing for the national anthem

yeah! dats the diva!

the fab opening! that's all the photos during the show. this was after hubs was being pointed a laser for using the camera. LMAO 

intermission for about 30 minutes

i love u!

show ended. time to camwhoring around IB ;)

me with a totebag acah bought 4 me from sabah. tq sis. i like it :)

finding missing creatures. huhu

the nora merchandise's booth

nora articles appeared on mass medias

dear hubs, i noe u r not really into this musical show. perhaps u can blanje me on sumting else next time. hehe.

love ~ izyan al-za'im

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