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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

nuqman's birthday at bagan lalang

it was nuqman's 7th birthday last saturday. my family threw him a a bday bash at bagan lalang. lets the photos do the talking :)

shaheem is wearing a beanie i just bought from my colleague. so cute :)

is dat the highest ur kite can fly, yan? ROFL

ur kite can go farther darling!

lepaking :p

its almost dusk and they still at the beach. well, we used to be kids ;)

lets move to our early dinner. OMG the place were so full house. where on earth were all the peeps cm from?

cute lil shaheem n nuby

setepek kene lempang. hehehe

nuqman's bday cake.

actually i dont really like to come here but the fact is this is the nearest beach we could find from KL. hahaha. i would suggest some other beaches later ;) but the most fav here is PAHAT. i hardly find it elsewhere.

sukanye ;)

nuqman's family. ty for the treat!

present from mama

present from me n uncle husni

from makcik

from asyu

from wan. wah! a kiss from a birthday boy. Allah bless  :)

the messiest table. hahaha

hubs was wearing a newly bought t shirt as the theme for this party is GREEN and he has not even 1 :)  no serious party by my fam loves to put a theme on our gathering :)

makcik has present for nuby as well

owh! dats mine. i hope u like it dear ;)

very dark :(

i love my green family :)

owh, how i miss them. till we meet again. whose bday next?
love ~ izyan al-za'im

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