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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Friday, 7 October 2011

ayah's bday

ayah's 64th bday was actually on sept 16 2011. but no celebration at all as ayah was in melaka. whole siblings didnt want to juz let ayah 's birthday just goes with the wind. so, last week we decided to celebrate ayah bday eventho it was life half a month late. huhu. acah n asyu wanted to blanje KFC. yah, dats great! the kfc does not matter at all. the moment with whole family together is the most valuable :)

mak n ayah


nuby kissed shaheem. so sweet ;)

shaheem juz woke up

shaheez, this is family gathering. y did u bring ur lappie? adoii

abangah's family

the birthday boy. hehe. i love u ayah!

the melted cake. hehe. tiny lil cake. but still not finished :p


abangah joined the cake cutting. his bday was 3 days before ayah's. hehe

bday present for ayah from husband n i. hope u like it ayah :)
i love my family!

there is my husband! ayyo u finally appeared on last shot. hehe.
 love ~ izyan al-za'im

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