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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

husna's weds

went to my highschool classmate's wedding last saturday at Shah Alam Gallery (shah alam lake) wat a beautiful wedding i must say! i came a bit late where i missed the arrival of the bride n groom by a boat. Unfortunately, the rain poured heavily with the storm n thunder. however the ceremony still went on as planned. the relatives were wearing following the theme (melayu lama, taman larangan) the guys with the tanjak n the girls with songket over the head. totally beautiful. alhamdulillah the rain stopped later.

i pity the zapin dancers danced in the rain. hehe. overall, if the weather is sunny, the wedding with such theme by the lake will be so much fun n stunning!

my beautiful classmate buddies

i shouldnt explain more. it was awesome to see these people!

happy newly wed husna n hubby!

the simple dais. see the lake as a background? lovely!

zapin performance in the rain :p

terrific traditional wedding costumes! im lovin it :)

the gamelan troupe were so lucky to be placed here under a gazebo. or else they'll be playing in the rain too. hehe

thanx baby for accompanying me to all my friends' invitations. u never say no (so far. hehe) dats why i love u more n more! ;)

singing national anthem. hahaha

just love the ambiance ;) looking forward for more n more frens' wedding. wud love to come :)
love ~ izyan al-za'im

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