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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

my wedding (part 1)

ni gamba2 random sempena majlis perkhwinan aku yg berlangsung pada 10 April 2011 di pusat komuniti bukit damansara kuala lumpur. again, ni bukan gambar2 dr OP. so, layankan aje gamba2 yg aku rembat dari Fb org lain. haha

wit acah's buddies

kt meja mkn beradap

asyu, dila n acah. org kuat majlis ;)

my fairies with the table tag. i made them myself while designed by asyu ;)

masa bersanding, 1 flower girl n 2 fairies at each side. tq gurls :)
see dat pink n black bunga pahar? buat sendiri jgk ;)

cuppies pink ;)

my lil sis with the fairies. u gurls roxxx!! many asked bout the fairies outfit. i bought them the kain n brief them the design. they tempah by ownselves. i gave money to them to but their fav shawls themselves. they were awesome enaf to pair the shawl with the bindiya. cool gurls!

my mom. sweet je seeing her wearing dat colour. my outfit was designed by me. i didnt rent it. bought the kain n tempah sendiri. manik sewn by alin. alamak, cant see the belt. hidden behind the bouquet. juz love the cute ribbon belt :) everything is mine except for the tiara n veil which i rent. i made the tudung myself. bought the kain n saw it. the anak tudung i bought from jalan TAR then i studded some diamond on it ;)

very the leisure the groom tu duduk :p

the guest tables. fuschia for the table runner while pink + black for the seat ribbons. im lovin it.

mak n acah during the solemnization

bersanding time

the groom's man -zam a.ka. ili's bf a.k.a. my gud buddy when i was in college. ili, zam n i are gud frens da lama da... ;)

peace yo!

with some matraders. tanx guys for comin ;)

mak jaga goodies. hehe. if u cant see wat my mak was wering on her chest, it was actually a nama tag dat every1 of my family members were wearing. mak marah sebab kat situ written mother instead of mak. lol

the bunting. dont get mad seeing my face looked like hantu kak limah. hate it. agaagaga

the cake n the dias. both looked perfect in my eyes. i dont care wat others say. i just satisfied wat i have spent ;)

berarak masuk...

purposely wanna look contra from others. all my family + pengapits wore soft pink. so let the bride grooms menyerlah lebih sket by wearing fuschia n black. ngeee

the view from second floor. actually 2nd floor boley gune jgk. but takot x termanage, so, we juz gune 1st floor shj :)

my college buddies.

the food. dat flowers digubah sendiri by my makcik2

food lagi. i didnt have chance to look at the food. i hope every1 satisfied wit the food n no one yg x dpt mkn. ;) ok, will sambung some more fotos at the next entry. :)

love ~ izyan al-za'im

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