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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

the very 1st baby clothes i bought ~

ha, the whole last week, i kepr promising to my lil rainbow, if he/she reveal her/his gender, i will buy him new clothes! hehehe. yeah finally, HE really suprised us with his BIRD. hahaha so cute.

so, a day later, i asked hubs to go to Sunway Pyramid to buy the present for lil rainbow. yeah, i told earlier, i had never ever buy any baby stuffs yet. so i think i can start shopping now. hehe.x bli byk pon, cukup la 5 pieces for this 1st batch. as me n hubs mmg kaki jalan. so everyweek boleh keep buying. hehe. cuma teruja sikit sbb this was our 1st time. hehe

in previous entry, i've told bout the goody bag n there is mom's care voucher inside. i can get 2 years mom's care membership card if i purchase anything from the store using the voucher. great! so bli baju baby kat sini je la. hehe

so here goes the 1st batch of lil rainbow's rompers n sleepsuits. and 2 pairs of mittens n booties. next time kita buy more ye. huhu

all new born rompers. as usual geram dgn baju girls but kuatkan hati carik baju boy. hahahaha
ok, x sabar nk shopping lagi. x sabar nk gi expo kt pwtc/klcc n semua la. (bajet duit byk sgt. lol) the spirit of shopping is coming! ngeeeeee

p/s: berkenan betul tgk satu new born bootie kt mothercare. rasa nk beli! tp bile terus taw, dpt baby boy, lesap sudah angan2 tersebut. fokus yan. it's a boy! huhu

love ~ izyan al-za'im


Sue-Rya Qistina said...

boy ke yan?beli je baju yg unisex, both bole pakai..hehehe..bestnye! rase nk mengandung je lagik..hehehehe

izyan al-za'im said...

haah kak, insyaallah boy. so bli jela baju boy. xyah pikir2 nk bli baju ropol2 ke, pink ke. hehe

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