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Monday, 21 May 2012

my 5th month's check up

last friday, i went to ampang puteri for my monthly baby check up. for this 5th month check up, hubs n i were sooo excited. ntah xtaw kenapa. maybe 1 of the reason was we confident that our lil raibow gonn reveal it's gender. hehehe.

seminggu lps, i always talked to the baby, i asked him/her to show the gender. If he/she really does, ummi n abi will reward her/him with his/her1st clothes. apedaa x menarik langsung offer tu. kekeke.

the check up went well. my weight gained another 2 kgs. which i think quite normal. seronok sgt2 sbb the gynae focus on scanning only. half an hour spent just to do the scan. awesome! the baby didnt move a lot so the doc found it hard to see the gender. at fisrt i was like grinning from right ear to another when doc said, maybe it's a hamburger as no 'gun' spotted. huhuhu

A few minutes later,doc made a suprised saying that she saw sumthing. wahh pistol sudah keluar! hahaha it's so funny to the 'pistol' is tickling so obviously. hahaha. hubs started to show his very-proud-abi face. he really wanted a baby boy. anyway, i really dont mind it's a gorl or a boy. im so grateful as the doc told the baby is healthy so far. alhamdulillah syukur... :)

so when the doc mentioned we're gonn have a baby boy, insyaallah the gender wont change. habesla impian saya utk mengPINKkan baby saya. it's okay. there's always a second time rite. boley cuba lain kali. kekeke

and 4 the 1st time, we had a 4d scan. it was so indiscribable feeling u noe. i could see the face clearly. luckily my office covers the check up expenses. i saw the bill n it's RM300 for the 4D scan! erkkk. never tot it's gonn be that expensive. pheww :D

so far alhamdulillah. n perasaan to start shopping for baby stuff is ascending. hehehehe. yela, selagi xtaw gender, xde perasaan nak shop. hehe. harap2nya, Allah permudahkanlah segalanya sehingga saat melahirkan nnt. Ameen... :)

the printed 4d scan. ha, lets try ur eyes. find his eyes, nose n lips. hehehe

the great thing about this 5th month's check up is, i got goody bag! yay! many items inside the bag. i'm lovin it :D

mom's care vouchers in the goodie bag. yay! i hv spent on sumting at mom's care using 1 voucher. tu yg dpt membership card tu. hehe.jom shopping lagi! hehe :D

love ~ izyan al-za'im


ct shah said...

waa..bestnyer dh wat 4d scan.saya buat next week (27 weeks) kat vision college.ater,sebelum ni masa wat 2d scan,doctor kata probably girl.tapi saje nak confirmkan lagi.hahahaha..
actually mmg mengharap boy laks pas ni sbb dh ada girl.tapi tak kisahlah andai kata dpt girl lagi,alhmadulillah.:-)

izyan al-za'im said...

sy x mintak pon nk buat 4d. but doc tb2 je buat. sy tgk lain je scan ni. dia kata ini 4D. ooooo baru tau. hehe. lgpon pakai PMcare. ape ade hal. hehe. vision college tu matrade cover ke eh?

ct shah said...

tak pastilah plak matrade cover ke tak sbb nnti saya akan claim under company hubby.rm90 jer siap dpt cd.first time gak buat ni.
tapi ari tu kak ena buat kat klinik swasta yg dia mention dlm blog dia sebelum ni dia ada tanya admin,admin kata leh claim balik.tapi ambik masa dlm sebulan gaklah.

izyan al-za'im said...

ok la klo boley claim. tp klo pakai GL lg senang sbb xyah keluar duit langsung. hehehe. kalo x cover, rasa mcm sayang je duit kan. hehe

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