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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Monday, 2 January 2012

shaheez's 14th birthday

i think it's not too late to wish u all A HAPPY NEW YEAR! i dont have a special entry for new year in this blog. yeah naa, not gonna reveal my resolution here too. haha. i believe every1 has new resolutions or renew the last year's resolutions. ngeeeeee anyway, i didnt watch fireworks dis new year's eve. i wish i could. hehe. sokay, lets begin the new year's entry with my nephew's birthday bash. it was on the 30th of december. happy 14th birthday my big nephew. be a good muslim yah :)

the yummy fresh cream cake :)

the dishes. mehun soup, satay, spagetty, puddings, burgers, n i myself only mampu bought the boneless fried chicken. hehe

the guest. as usual, it was in my parents crib :)

see the broken 1 candle? the number 1 was actually 7. the no 1 candle has sold out then we bought no 7 n broke apart the top part. hahahaha

ok jom nyanyi!

1 happy family. shaheez n shaheem

serbu the foods!

girls only

bubbles is one of the lucky draw present. sukenye aira!

simple deco. the balloon are mostly white. x naik laa. hehe

no manner la yan. hahaha sit!

nuqman won this extreme cap for lucky draw! yeay!

many lucky draws! the hadiahs were sponsored by acah n asyu :)

nuby oh nuby

my hubs n my cousin

nuby did not join other kids playing

yay aira kissed me :)

the kids

alololoo aim sleep pulak..

habis pool ni kene lanyak. ahaha

many stayed until 12midnight to watch maharaja lawak mega final. hehehe.
love ~ izyan al-za'im

1 comment:

lizz said...

dah lamer tak pegi ikea makan meatball

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