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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

my advanced bday celebration :D

As govt has announced revised salary through SBPA, i planned to give a treat to my family on my birtday on January 24. I oready chose the place. but then, on the same date, we the whole fams gonna have a trip to Baling to send nureen.erm, so i changed my mind to make it earlier. So we can celebrate nureen's achievement as well. So there you go. I chose Al-Rawsha at I-city. eat n having fun! yay!

al Rawsha at Icity

lets try arab cuisines

i used to go to al rawsha at ampang before. but this place in I city is a bit smaller. As we came early bout 6 pm, so x ramai org lagi la... :)

choose ur order :) there were 15 of us. gamba reramai tah mana :p

al rawsha coctail n honey dew shake

i dont remember the name :)

slurpeeeee mango juice

i didnt capture all foods' photos. ape yg ade je la eh. hehe

tiup lilin! me turns 26 on coming jan 24. along turns 38 next jan 26. nureen will be leaving us for nun jaun di MRSM baling.

tq asyu n acah for the yummy cake!

i dont remember the name :p

lamb kebab

i got pressie from nureen :)

also from shaheez ;) tq

nureen also received sumting! best nye masuk asrama ye!

tq acah n asyu for your special bday presnt for me! love it :)

mak pon dpt pressie! new sewing machine from along! it seems every1 was receiving presents! haha

ayooo x best nye celebrate bday awal2 ni. sokay for fun je actually. plus along, mak ayah never been there. later i'll update bout icity ya!

ok, nnt 24 jan, mesti da xhengen org nak celebrate bday aku dah. haha. anyway, looking forward for hubby's present! ngeeee
love ~ izyan al-za'im

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