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Sunday, 29 January 2012

cameron highland on CNY

how was ur CNY hols? i had a long great vacation with my fams. hehe. we started out with jalan2 at Cameron on last monday. erm, i tot we made a mistake by going there on CNY hols. there was a massive jam! huwaa!! jalan da la satu lorong. sakit jantung n sakit bontot dok dlm kete. ahaha. dlm jam2 pon, we still had a good time there. we didnt stay over nite there. after that, we went straight away to ipoh. layan yg ni dulu la :)
shaheem naik moto lima pocen ngan atok. hehe

at pasar malam brinchang. belum malam maa :D

the pink looks stunning but i bought none of them, haha

aim with wan

the fatty oily foods always looks yummy. hahaii

baru teringat. i bought strawberries but not this chocolate strawberries. erm, wajib ke rasa? huhu

strawberry ice cream malaysia yg mantap! RM1 each

i was afraid if i were uncomfortable with the long journey due to my early pregnancy. alhamdulillah everything was fine :)

bharat tea plantation

sorry! this lady over n aver again. lol

all the girls!

with my mr photog :)

asyu, me, acah n along

hubs bought this for me. tanx ya! muahmuahmuah

love ~ izyan al-za'im


ZSqueenbee said...

phewiiiittt...comeiinyee baju...

aritu ngn mum pap g sna awl jan..1st time tau..hahaha

izyan al-za'im said...

tq. baju recycle dinner hr tu la. hahaha

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