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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

I City with family

Yeah, last entry i made an entry bout my bday celebration at al rawsha i city. so in this entry, photos of us having fun at I-city. wee~~

last time i came here, this ferris wheel was not exist yet

another new attraction. hurm for those who dont aware about the entrance fee, let me tell you. Entrance fee from 6am to 6pm is only RM1. from 6pm to 6am is RM10. unfortunately... i had to pay RM11 eventho i got in at 5.30 caused i didnt noe the secret. Supposedly, after i check in at 5.30. i have to straight away pay the fee. so i only have to pay RM1. The mistake was, I entered 5.30pm (RM1) and got out at 9.30pm (RM10). the total i had to pay was RM11. wakenabebb betol la.. iskisk

konon2 dtg before 6pm kene byr RM1 je. last2 kene byr RM1 (per entry 6am-6pm) plus another RM10 (per entry 6pm-6am) remember fellas, if u come before the clock turns 6 pm, trus bayar parking fee ok. baru la kene singgit je :)

if u come here for the only purpose of seeing the lights, no points la dtg awal kan. we come early sbb nk celebrate n mkn2 dulu :) hurm actually, our theme was purple. but it y x nmpak purple pown? haha

nuq n shaheem tried the sky walk. kemain suke lagi!

see there, mak n ayah pon nak naik jugak. hehe

i didnt join them as i had tried it once with hubs last time we came here :)

seronoknye mak ngan ayah!

i brought shaheem to this carausel. shaheem likes it! oh ya, RM5 is charged for each rides off all the games there

we love i city yeah!

yeah cukup korum! with my whole family!

all had fun. x sia2 ajak dorang dtg sini :)

eye on i city is rly beautiful at nite :)

then our turn to take photo. just two of us plz.. hehe

love you!

comelnye shaheem was wearing my pink lip lap lip lap big ribbon head band. hehe


jumpa lagi bye. hehe
love ~ izyan al-za'im


ZZnoor said...

pegi icity ni wak,klu ade dslr br best...terang je 'malam' kt c2 jadinye...klu pkai camera fon,nmpaknye kna edit kt photoscapes n hi-up d bright's level...hihi..

izyan al-za'im said...

x penah edit gamba, ape yg ade jela. 1st sbb x rajin. 2nd sbb x pandai pon. hahaha

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