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Thursday, 5 January 2012

new year retreat ~ sunway lagoon !!

Me n hubs already taken a leave on the Januari 3rd 2012 to go sumwhere. After contemplating Sunway Lagoon n Genting Highland, we finally decided to go to Sunway Lagoon. Ya, only two of us. I used to be in Sunway Lagoon long time ago while hubs never been there even it's only 5 minutes away from our house. haha.

The sad part is.......... we neither bring my camera nor hubs DSLR :( only me n hubs so we afraid no one will babysit our valuable stuffs while we riding the roller coasters n while we get wet. so these photos only taken by my HP. poor quality. sedey... :( all the photos at water park lagi la langsung xde. sedey... hehe x kesahla, jji we both had really fun n enjoyed the day so much!

the most fun slides! we tried it few times!

x tipu. the drinks yg i minum tu sedap!

x ramai org pon as the school hols has come to an end. best la x pyh queue to ride everything. hehe

this locker cost us RM5 each opens. i opened it twice. so i had to pay RM10.

you noe what? as we didnt bring camera, so we with heavy hearted bought this photo which cost us RM35. aduhh very costly. sbb xde gamba proper from us, so we buy jela. hehehe. the SL photogs were everywhere to take ut photo even under water. u can ask them to take photo of you as many as u want. or they themselves will volunteerily taking your photos. it just dat, u mampu x mampu nk bli gamba2 tu. RM35 each. pengsan.... it okay, at least i bought 1. sayang tgk gambar2 cantik terbiar mcm tu je (cantik ke? lol)

t-shirt yg ditukarkan dgn RM10 deposit we paid sebelum masuk. u can choose SL merchandise or have your RM10 refunded

i chose this pink watch :)

always wear this within SL. once you return this watch, you'll be refunded RM10 or SL merchandise.

the photo i bought has been nicely embalished beside my PC on my workplace. hehehe. nanti byk duit, i come back ye. wee~~~

love ~ izyan al-za'im


ZSqueenbee said...

alololo...sonoknyeee...mula² tgk yan ijo je kalernyee..skali dh tuka pink plak..hahaha

ps: yg kt jambatn pjg tu jln smpai ke hujung ke? ke menyinggah kt dpn tu je..hihihi...hepppp

izyan al-za'im said...

HAHAHA. mcm mn pon wajib ade unsur pink. hehe.

mcm mn taw ni, mmg x sampai hujung pon naik jambatan tu. sampai tgh je. malas nak jln sampai hujung, nnt kene patah balik jugak. hehehe

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