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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Monday, 2 January 2012

ikea ya ya ya

the year end bonus has come. so we planned to buy sumting dat we wont buy with our monthly salary. hehe. erm, our bonus bukan macam bonus keje private, but still alhamdulillah with the rezeki :) after doing some surveys, we decided to buy it at IKEA. jom jom jom :)

before shopping started, lets meatballs yow!

daim cake. imma not kinda like it as it's rich of nuts. but hubs does

no we didnt buy this but hubs just wanted to try it out. ;) sedap sampai terlelap teros. ok tipu :D

ok got what we want. IKEA la pulak kan. so we need to take the bloody heavy things out from the rack ourselves. damn. haha

ok pay time. ade je barang sampingan pink yg aku beli. lol

queueing for turn for home delivery registration. the delivery charge for this kinda stuff to my house in PJ is RM65. ok la. not so costly. and it took 2 days to reach my home :) erm, so many more in my head to buy. sila simpan dwet ye. hehe
love ~ izyan al-za'im


ZSqueenbee said...

comelllnyeee pasangan ni...mbeli brg umh ye..syoknyee idup somi isteri ni kn...best!!

izyan al-za'im said...

mestila syok kawen kan pia. lainla klo kene kawen paksa. hehe

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