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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

customized mug for nureen

I found a promotion at groupon n grabbed it straight away. i purposedly buy this customized mug for my niece nureen

so this is the outcome. this is as a present for her to get 5As in last year's UPSR. Grats sweetie!

One more thing, she got an offer to study at MRSM Baling! very2 proud of you dear! so u can bring this mug along :)

put simple ribbon. the ribbon is not long enaf. so, that was the only ribbon i can make. pathetic. haha

cute lil girrafe card too :)

sempena nak masuk MRSM ni, nureen dah berjinak2 nak pakai tudung n she asked me to do a tutor for her. of course dear. my pleasure :)

we tried out a couple of shawl wrap style. honestly, she looks awesome n cute with the hijab.

so dah pandai pakai ni, jgn bukak2 dah taw :)

i think you look cute with this style :)

last but not least, my whole family is very proud of her. as she'll be enrolling to MRSM nun jauh di Baling Kedah on the january 25, we the whole family is planning to join her. All of us is goin to Baling YOw! saksikanlah rombongan CIk Kiah menghantar Nureen ke kedah later. hehe. n the funniest thing about this lil girl is : at first she refused to go to MRSM because of she'll have no time to update her blog anymore. hahaha. biar la makyang je update blog yin tu. lol. best taw duduk asrama. have fun! ngeeeeeee
love ~ izyan al-za'im


wardah @ fie shah said...

2nd last tu comel :)

izyan al-za'im said...

haah. sy pon suke yg 2nd last tu ;)

wahida said...

wah..tahniah nureen...dpt masuk MRSM...belajar rajin2 tau!!

ZSqueenbee said...

gmbo last tu chumelll...pndai budak skrg ni fesyen²..aduhh pia ni kne bljr lgi cara nk mbelit tudung..hihi...

mug yg chumelll...jom kita cri lgi deal yg best..haha

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