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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

kursus kahwin

20th & 21st of February 2010, my fiance n i went 2 kursus kahwin at LPPKN Tower KL.
After almost a year we delayed it, finally we made it!hehe. itupun, after a fren of mine(Sha) told me the course gona take 3 days & there'll be an exam if u register March onwards!! whooaa!! xnak exam!! so, quickly i registered myself & syg at pusat Kursus TenC @ LPPKN.

Actually, last year, my syg already registered ourselves there. but when the day came, there was a tragedy... i lost my lil bro forever....i miss him.... :( it was April 25th 2009. Life goes on, so after a year we manage to do it again :)

Apparently, i must recommend dis place to all the bridegrooms-to-be. hehehe. It was fun listening 2 all the ustazs u ols! Suprisingly, either me or my syg didnt fall asleep at all during the 2 days!huhu! yela, many said, goin' 2 kursus kawen is a nightmare.juz listen, bontot panas n u'll be sleeping all the way! hahaha.yeke? i didnt feel dat way at all.ngehngeh.Very comfortable as it is not like any other classes i saw in the internet. It's an auditorium! sgt ok! it juz the dine venue x proper sgt. but yg lain2, thumbs up! so bolehla beramai2 ke TenC @ LPPKN!

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