Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

new EDD again

haha each time i go for ante natal check up, then my EDD will be renewed. apa da.. my lil rainbow ni kejap besar kejap kecik kot. hehe. anyway, as long as the gynae said you are healthy in my tummy, im so grateful. do grow nice n healthily ya. ummi & abi always pray for you :)

so my last edd was on malaysia day : 16/9/2012. the latest EDD i got when i met my gynae last week is 23/9/2012. i oready changed my baby gaga ticker again. :) i think i have started to have the adrenalin to buy my lil rainbow clothes. but still i can abstain my nafsu. haha. i promise, untill i got to noe my lil raibow gender, then i will start to shop. 

erm, last saturday hubs brought me to mum's care carnival sale at ampang point. amboi, dia yg bawak taw i pon x taw ade carnival tu. hehe. erm mmg murah. lagi sikit nk terbeli Mc Laren baby carrier. normally mmg tgk the price RM399. but there, it was only RM199! erghh tp mcm tersuka baby wrap like moby wrap tu. so, xnak bli baby carrier mc laren tu walaupun the price is to die for. hahaha. ngado2 betul la. erm last2 x beli pon. maybe nk bli moby wrap sbb cool. mc laren carrier pon mcm best. anyhow, baby carrier baby bjorn la the best kan. last time nmpak kt bb store baby bjorn carrier ade sale, still RM200++. erm survey jela kejenye. kumpul duit je dulu. tp x membukit pon. hahaha

pssst. anyway, my hubs yg really excited to bring me to baby stores ok. he googled himself n he knows more than i do. he also already mark the date for all baby carnivals/expos around klang valley for us not to miss out. me? excited too! hopefully everything is going well. semoga Allah melindungi kami sekeluarga. ameen. bout 5 months to go insyaallah :)

my lil rainbow at 17 weeks + . x clear sgt la. yg clear bahagian head n spine je. hehe
love ~ izyan al-za'im

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