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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Monday, 19 March 2012

xde idea nak letak title ape :p

oh my. i dont know what kinda syndrom is attacking me rite now. feel like updating my blog everyday but the mood gone ke laut. haha. erm...

erm nak cite ape? last 2 weeks went to baby expo at mid valley. but i found nothing interesting. feel like get out of the place pronto. sgt sesak. expo kt klcc hari tu much more happening + comfortable kot. haha. xpela, aku pon dah mark calender for becoming baby expo n the nearest to my due date will be at klcc on august. great! as i dont plan to shop my baby stuff at this early stage :)

but the only thing that really caught my eyes was this princess bed. cantiknye la hai! confirm girl ke anak aku? ngehehe? amboii kaya nye aku nk tido pon berprincess bagai. haha berangan jela... :D

as the traffic at the expo was bad, so i quicly go to mothercare to buy my stretch mark cream. the only pregnancy body care product i use at the moment. erm, anything else should i buy at this stage anyone?

last2 baby stuff ke mana, kasut pink baru jugak yg aku sebat. jgn mara.. huhu
love ~ izyan al-za'im


ZSqueenbee said...

yan time expo ni best kalo bli madela BP..leh dpt hrga murah..pia dh try tgk tmpt lain kalo bkn time expo hrga mmg byk beza..

i ♥ ur pink shoe...errrrrrrr

izyan al-za'im said...

erm tula, usya BP jugak. tp tgu dulu. mebi expo bln 8 br nk beli kot. skang kumpul dwet dulu. hehe
i like dat pink shoes too! :D

Anonymous said...

hi dear,nk tnya ms u tgk princess bed tu brape rm?kt mn ye jual,cntik...plz reply kt email ek,kot xjumpe blog ni,huhu...piet_pierana@yahoo.com..tq:-)

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