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Thursday, 29 March 2012

teman mak ke al hidayah

smlm mlm. eh tgh mlm bout almost 12am aku bwk mak ke pusat rawatan islam al hidayah at setiawangsa. before this dekat sg pusu tu kan. but never been there. it's no longer operated there. skang ni kt setiawangsa tu la.

erm, mak's appt mmg hari selasa but why la too late. hurmm mmg ramai betul org kt situ. actually my sis da tlg amekka nombor lepas mgrib. n taw no giliran tu estimated will be called pukul 12 lebih mcm tu. so i took a nap first before keluar umah kol 12am to bring mak. it was mak 2nd appt utk breast cancer ni la. harap2 ade improvement.

 erm talking bout mak condition, mmg dia dah ok after operation hr tu. yeah she is now with only 1 breast. but it doesnt change anything. she is still our super mom as usual. mgkin tgn tu x larat sgt. but im glad tu see mak x macam org sakit pon. :)

actually after the operation, she has to go through chemoteraphy but it is just an option. xnak pon xpe. finally mak decides not to do chemo but just go for medication n radioteraphy only. (semua org tau, chemo tu sgt azab kn!) we sibling agree but she still has to go for alternative treatment like al hidayah ni la. also kene mkn buah durian belanda! ramai ckp it's really good for cancer. but last nyte went to mydin to find soursop but xde pulak. pdhal, sblum ni time xnak beli, selalu je nmpak. ermmm. anyone ade nmpak buah durian belanda bgtaw sy, sy nk beli. :)

mak appt card. honestly i think RM50 per visit for the consultation is very high.... ermm

for night session it is open from 9pm - 4am. but with appt only. i heard nk buat appt pon lm. bout 5/6 weeks from the day of appt. sbb ramai sgt org...

with mak. all the women patient kene pakai telekong taw.. see my mak. she looks really healthy kn? i love u mak :)
love ~ izyan al-za'im

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