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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Thursday, 18 February 2010

lil' story of my engagement day :)

act,last post was my trial 2 reblog.hahaha.
ok la 2.
em, feel like uploading my engagement pixs but i gotta wait like forever 2 upload all. but i'll try.fuhh.
bout my engagement day,, let me flashback yer,,hehe

-we picked the date bcoz it was cuti raya n we tot pihak laki (mostly from perak) made it easy 2 come to PJ.

-no catering yer. the neighbours n relatives gotong royong masak u ols! tanx to all the makciks n pakciks 4 the yummiest dishes on my special day. bagus org taman datuk harun ni.heheh

-and x 2 4get the hantaran 4 both sides were made by my very not so creative me!!
hahaha. i dont care wat would other say bout my gubahan hantaran, but i was so happy dat i made them myself! ade masa nnt, i'll upload some pix of em ya!

-my make up was beautifully (beautiful ker?hehe) done by along idah, my cousin. she's a mak andam. so sng la, x yah carik jejauh. mini pelamin also made by her.tanx along!

-em, sorry 2 tell dat both parents of my fiance r no longer in dis world. but im still lucky, i have 2 SIL to be as well as 2 BIL to be. my risik n tunang rings were put on by fiance's 1st sis, kak ina.

-i asked my relatives 2 wear blue on dat day. evry2 was qustioning'why blue'?
hahaha. yela, canopy dah pink, mini pelamin also pink, hantaran pon pink, so i just didnt want evrytg turns pink, so i juz picked blue instead,hehehe. tanx all 4 following the theme. i loikee!! sedara mara belah laki pakai pink. but xnmpak sgt pink 2. but thumbs up gak, the effort was still there, tepuk2!!

-hanataran supposedly 5 balas 7 jer, but ended up jd berapa tah.hahahaha. last mint addition mmg camtu lah.hehehe

byk la pulak nak cite tp rase dah nak balik dah ni (masih di ofis tgu tunang abis wat keje)

em,yg pasti, bertunang ni mmg sonok. sbb makin dekat ngan tersayang,,, hehehe
tp byk gak yg x bestnye sbb org asek dok tya bile nak kawen,
hello, stress ok, asek tya soaln 2,
we have engaged, n mestilah nak kawen. so sabar ye. nak kawen nnt, pasti kami akan jemput semua.

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